Thursday, January 29, 2015


Kahtoola MICRO spikes (or Yak Trax variation) can make other-wise treacherous trails easily passable this time of year. While I recommend pulling them out of your pack sooner than later to avoid unnecessary falls, beware of proceeding with your typical long run with these on the entire time. Although these are relatively lightweight for what they are, wearing these gems adds approximately 6oz-8oz to the weight of each foot. The problem is not the overall weight, but that it is placed at the end of your limb, meaning the leverage significantly increases muscular demands of your entire lower extremity, especially your hip flexors and hamstrings. I suggest gradually increasing the amount of time you spend running with them on in order to allow your body time to increase strength and endurance to accommodate the extra weight in order to prevent muscle strain.
 Also, not a bad idea to wear full-length running tights when you have run in these spikes, even if it is 50 degrees out, otherwise, you may end up with some running battle wounds with no good story other than "I kicked myself when I was running." 
Happy trails! (or should I say ice)